Atlantic Healing Hemp

Meet the Hempster: Wanda Beattie, Atlantic Healing Hemp, Berwick, NS

Way back, before ’03, Wanda Beattie had an idea: let’s do something with hemp. She began her research – she learned that hemp can be grown locally and that it is almost a miracle food. She and her husband Brian learned about the manufacturing process; Brian took on the marketing portfolio. In 2003 Atlantic Healing Hemp began. Their combined leadership and management expertise has resulted in a solid operation in Berwick, NS. For eons hemp has been used as a food, medicine, fiber and fuel. Chew it, put it on salads, wash your hair with it, rub it on your skin – you name it, it’s good for everything from ailments to lubricants to cosmetics. Stop in at the Atlantic Healing Hemp booth for a chat with Wanda – she loves to spread the word about the nutritional and therapeutic benefits of hemp in its various forms. She will have some testers and tasters there too. And on your next jaunt to the Valley drop in to the shop for the full Monty of hemp – it’s guaranteed that you’ll become a convert!

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