2019 Exhibitor Directory

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New Scotland Clothing Co. & New Scotland Brewing Co.

Nine Locks Brewing

Craft beer, samples and merchandise.

North Cape Coastal Tourism Area Partnership Inc.

The Canadian Oyster Coast. Some of the world famous Malpeque Oyster, Stompin Tom Center and Canadian Potato Museum! Prince Edward Island is all about getting close to the coast and the North Cape Coastal Drive is as close to the Island coast as you can get. We'll show you the way along a shimmering necklace of irresistible sandy beaches, fishing harbours, inlet coves, towering red sandstone capes, lighthouses and the tidal and wind phenomena of North Cape itself. Discover NCCD through our fun experiences, cultures, local traditions, scenic drives, culinary delights festivals, events and more!! We offer the best of the West!!

Nourished - Natural Self Care

Nourished is a line of handmade, Magnesium-infused self care products; crafted with the philosophy that what we put in and on our bodies has a direct impact on our health and well-being. Nourished Magnesium products are used most popularly for pain, inflammation, sleep and much more. We're committed to using organically sourced, nutrient dense, non-GMO ingredients.

Nova Scotia Spirit Co

Locally produced small batch, award winning spirits. Small town, small batches, tall tales.