2019 Exhibitor Directory

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Flour & Apples

All butter shortbreads, scratch granola.

Fox Harb'r Resort

Fox Harb'r Resort - Atlantic Canada's Landmark Oceanfront Resort

Fredericton Tourism

Free Spirit Silk

Susan studied textiles at NSCAD University and colour and pattern are her passion - especially applying both to such a wonderful fibre as silk. She creates scarves, small and large, infinity and straight, ponchos, wraps and sleeveless kimonos using a variety of dyeing and painting techniques. From casual everyday to elegant and fanciful, her one of kind silks are a pleasure to wear!

Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club = Boating Made Simple. With more than 175 locations in Canada, the US and Europe, Freedom Boat Club is the affordable alternative to boat ownership. Enjoy all the memory-making lifestyle experiences of boating without the hassles of cleaning, maintenance, insurance, repairs, etc. Our members enjoy unlimited access to a fleet of new or like-new boats such as bow riders, pontoons, and fishing boats conveniently located on beautiful Halifax Harbour at Kings Wharf Marina in Dartmouth. Members can also enjoy year-round boating by enjoying access to boats at any or all the other 175+ locations. Visit www.freedomboatclub.com

Fresh New You

Healing stone jewelry, wellness & holistic items - essential oils and items made from essential oils.

Fresh Start Fauxmage

Dairy-free artisanal vegan cheeze, made in PEI from cultured cashews and almonds. Now selling in all 4 Atlantic provinces.

Fundy Geological Museum

Fundy Treasures Gifts & Tours

Our products are inspired by Nova Scotia's coastlines and include our Fundy Treasures candles & Soap, Bay of Fundy stone guitar picks & jewellery as well as wood buoys & paddles.