Consumer Demographics

2017 Saltscapes Expo Consumer Profile

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61% used a discount coupon at the 2017 consumer entrance versus 65% in 2016, with Saltscapes print and digital properties identified as the largest source.

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Consumers cited their source of 2017 event info as 51% paid media, 32% word of mouth and 17% news media.

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65% were return Halifax Expo attendees and 35% were first time visitors (53% of Halifax attendees also attended the Saltscapes Masstown event in November 2016).

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84% of 2017 consumers are Atlantic Canadian homeowners between the ages of 25-64.

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Almost 68% of consumers stated their length of stay exceeded 3-4 hours, with 92% visiting all areas of the show.

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Of the 41,403 adult attendees in 2017, Saturday was the most popular day at 44%, followed by Sunday at 29% and Friday at 27%.

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More than 85% of consumers made purchases in 2017 with local food, beverage and other retail products cited as primary purchases.

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82% stated that after attending the 2017 Saltscapes Halifax Expo they are planning up to 3 Atlantic Canadian getaways per annum.

2017 Consumer Satisfaction Levels

2017 Saltscapes Halifax Expo Consumer Satisfaction Levels