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2020 Saltscapes Events - Postponement Advisory

The safety and well being of the large and impressive community who exhibits, attends, and executes our annual events has always been our priority.

Following the necessary postponement of our 2020 Saltscapes Halifax Expo, we began to look at alternate dates for this fall in large Halifax venues which would allow us to offer a performance driven opportunity pre-Christmas 2020.

Unfortunately, the health and safety protocols associated with Covid19 and event execution has forced us to make the very difficult decision to postpone all the 2020 Saltscapes Events.

We have immediately begun working towards new April dates for Saltscapes Halifax Expo 2021.  

You have our complete assurance that we will honour your appreciation of Saltscapes Expo eat, drink, garden, shop and stay local agenda by creating high-volume consumer events for your buy local enjoyment next year.

As we all navigate though this difficult time we encourage your support of the remarkable people and extraordinary places of this glorious Atlantic region by booking staycations and shopping local retail, farm gate, farmers markets and the websites of your fellow makers in Atlantic Canada.

Heartfelt thanks for your continued understanding and support. 

Management & Staff, Saltscapes Expo Events

2020 Saltscapes Halifax Expo
Directory of Registered Exhibitors 



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Contact Lisa Sampson by phone at 902 464 7258 or email.   

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SS EXPO Spring2019 FINAL 5570
SS EXPO Spring2019 FINAL 0162
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SS EXPO Spring2019 FINAL 5824
SS EXPO Spring2019 FINAL 5744
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SS EXPO Spring2019 FINAL 5544
SS EXPO Spring2019 FINAL 5372
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